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 At a time when medical science has never been more powerful, people are  turning in record numbers to alternative therapies. Herbalists and  Homeopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Shamans, and the purveyors of  miracle drugs are all thriving. Evidence suggests that medical science does a better job of curing disease and treating pain, yet thousands of patients are turning their backs on conventional doctors. Alternative practitioners must be doing something right - and perhaps doctors are doing something wrong - to have brought out their surprising result.

Reference: Buckman, Robert PhD. FRCP, FRCP(C), Sabbagh, Karl, MA, " Magic or   Medicine, An Investigation of Healing and Healers," KeyPorter Books, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


We are creating a database of alternative healers from around the world. If you wish to participate in this database, we will require your resume plus the name and description of your business. Once our team of professionals has looked at your resume, we will contact you to proceed to the registration of your name on the database. If you are interested in registering please e mail us at Admin@globalhealthmall.com.


We Need Your Help!
We require new associates both in North America and Internationally, to represent the Wellness Centres and GlobalHealthMall.com as well as the product lines, for humans, and animals. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in developing a business with excellent potential please contact us at:Admin@GlobalHealthMall.com

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