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.. Holistic Medicine ministers to the whole person- mind, body and spirit; healing has a spiritual, as well as a physical dimension.

....Health and the quest for a healthy lifestyle are among the abiding preoccupations of modern times.

.....A combination of abscance of illness, physical fitness and emotional fulfillment creates a healthy person.

....Herbal Medicine is the most ancient of approaches to treatment.

.....Natural, nontoxic remedies are available for many ailments that have no side effects and that aid rather than inhibit the body's functions.

.... A growing disillusionment with pharmaceuticals has prompted a surge of interest in natural remedies.

... The natural approach to cure recognizes that most most common complaints will go away by themselves. The body can heal itself.

.....Herbs are excellent natural, nontoxic remedies, available to ease symptoms and help your body heal.

.......Remedies that support the body's efforts to do it's own house cleaning and repair include nutritional supplements.

.....Drugs can mask symptoms and herbs can stimulate body functions that have gone awray.

....Few people today eat a balanced diet of natural unprocessed plant foods; and even if they did, these ideal foods can no longer be relied on to fully satisfy nutrient requirements.


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We require new associates both in North America and Internationally, to represent the Wellness Centres and GlobalHealthMall.com as well as the product lines, for humans, and animals. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in developing a business with excellent potential please contact us at:Admin@GlobalHealthMall.com

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