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SmokersBan Program


Congratulations!! You have taken your First Important Step towards achieving Good Health and Freedom from Smoking!!!

By starting the SmokersBan program you have made a conscious decision to quit smoking. You are doing the greatest thing that you could ever do for your health - not only your health - but most probably the health of others!

Be very proud of yourself. By quitting, smokers reep many benefits. You will cut down your risk of cancer, heart & lung disease.

You will be very happy to be rid of the hacking, painful coughs. Gone are the stains on your fingers and teeth.

Gone - is the stale smell of smoke in your hair, and breath. Gone is the stale smell of smoke in your home and vehicle.

Quitting smoking takes dedication and willpower. It helps if someone in your family or maybe a friend can offer support.

Don't Think You Are Alone! Ask for Help and Find Someone to Quit with You.

It is important that you follow the following instructions. Please remember that this program is the BEST thing You Have Ever Done for YOURSELF.

  • Maintain Your Strong Conviction to Quit Smoking.

  • Throw away all your tobacco products, and ashtrays.

  • Stop drinking regular Coffee and Tea. Switch to decaff coffee and herbal teas. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of distilled water everyday.

  • Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes everyday. (Start walking, jogging and or do aerobics).

  • Maintain a well-balanced nutritional diet.

  • You do not have to gain weight when you quit smoking. It takes the same determination to watch your diet as it takes to quit smoking. Remember You Control Your Lifestyle. ABOVE ALL THINK POSITIVE!!

To make your SmokersBan program even more effective, prepare and drink the "Liver flush" for the duration of your SmokersBan program. This will help you detoxify and strengthen your liver.

Your Liver

The Liver is the bodyís largest internal organ and is located in the right upper abdomen. It conforms to the under surface of the diaphragm (the breathing muscle which separates the chest muscle from the abdomen). The lower liver edge can often be felt under the rib cage in the right half of the body. While life itself depends on our lungs, heart and circulation to bring oxygen, warmth and nutrients to all the cells in the body, the liver provides essential support to these processes, with more than a hundred known functions. We canít live without it, yet the liver has the amazing capacity to regenerate itself after surgery, injury or illness. The liver is the body's master laboratory. It stores and distributes nourishment for the entire body, is involved in the formation and breakdown of blood and filters toxins (unusable materials) from the blood.

The liver filters the blood of toxins and breaks them down for elimination.

When the liver is overloaded, it is less able to detoxify the blood, and poisons remain, potentially leading to many acute and chronic problems, which manifest themselves in each individuals weaker areas. Overeating can lead to an enlarged overworked liver. Too much of any food, but especially alcohol, nicotine, chemicals, drugs, trans fats and fried foods, can be toxic to the liver.

The liver also detoxifies nicotine, caffeine, food additives, water additives and polluted air. Your liver maintains proper blood sugar balance when blood sugar drops between meals, too little can be as dangerous as too much. A healthy liver can convert the glycogen back out as needed. On the other hand if there is too much glucose, the liver can convert it to starchy glycogen and store it (up to one-half pound of sugar a day could be stored this way). Sugar puts a tremendous load upon the liver because it leaves no room for storage of healthy nutrients. Liver toxicity can also be caused by improper food combining. This means that eating the wrong foods together, like fruits and vegetables, can create toxins in the liver. Proper nutrition is crucial in maintaining a healthy liver, and a healthy body.


Liver Flush

The liver flush is prepared as follows:

Ingredients: 1 Lemon (squeeze and use the juice)

1 teaspoon of virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley

1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger

1 banana

Directions: Put all the preceding ingredients in a blender with distilled or purified water ( the amount of liquid is up to you). Drink the entire amount in place of your breakfast.

Note: This drink should be repeated daily for the duration of your SmokersBan program.

1.Take 4 capsules of SmokersBan Formula A with the liver flush. This will replace your breakfast. This will help you control the cravings, tension and irritability normally experienced when you attempt to quit smoking.

  2. Take 4 capsules of SmokersBan Formula B with a large glass of water with your 
mid-day meal. This formula will help you maintain good energy levels, as well as 
encourage the detoxification/elimination of poisons from your body.

3. Take 4 capsules of SmokersBan Formula C with a large glass of water with your evening meal. This formula will help you detoxify your lungs and subdue a painful and irritating cough that triggers you to reach for cigarettes for relief.


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