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Echinacea (Echinacea Angustifolia) (Root)

Echinacea is becoming one of the most recognized herbs in the world for its medicinal value. A tremendous amount of scientific documentation is mounting supporting its various uses. In the United Kingdom it is used to fight chronic, viral and bacterial infections, pathogenic organisms in the blood, boils, various skin complaints, colds and influenza. In Germany it is used to treat infections of the head, nose and throat.

Echinacea has met with great success in treating wound infections and ulcers. Recently certain peptic-ulcers were shown to be caused by H.pylori. It is possible that echinacea exerts bactericidal effect against this organism or perhaps stimulates the immune response to better control it.

Immune stimulation is another well known property of echinacea. It stimulates the ingestion and digestion of foreign bacteria and matter by immune system cells called phagocytes. It also improves mobility of infection combating leukocytes (white blood cells) Some studies indicate that echinacea can stimulate interferon which is a protein that protects cells from viral attack.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) (Yin yang huo) (Leaves)

Well known versatile Chinese sexual enhancement tonic. It was so named when it was noticed that goats, after ingesting the herb, would mate. Epimedium is known to help increase the production of sperm in males, and to have estrogenic activity in females. The herb's activity is important in five main areas; reproductive, urinary, cardiovascular, respiratory and immune. Epimedium really shines when balanced with other herbs in a formula.


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