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A sac-like organ situated on the underside of the liver, which stores and concentrates BILE.  When fats are digested, the gall bladder contracts, sending bile into the DUODENUM through the common bile duct.



Anything relating to the stomach.



The sub-discipline of medicine that deals with all aspects of diseases and conditions that affect the aged.





An organ or group of cells that secretes a specific substance or substances.  ENDOCRINE GLANDS secrete directly into the blood while EXOCRINE glands onto an epithelial surface via a duct.  Some glands produce fluids, e.g. milk from the mammary glands, saliva from the sublingual gland and others.  The THYROID gland is an endocrine gland releasing hormones into the bloodstream.  A further system of glands; the lymphatic glands, occur throughout the body in association with the lymphatic vessels



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