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The state of being protected against an infection by the presence of antibodies specific to the organism concerned.



Being unable to remain asleep or to fall asleep in the first instance, resulting in debilitating tiredness.  It may be caused by a painful condition but it is more likely to be due to anxiety.



The bacteria usually found in the intestine, some of which synthesize vitamin K.  An acidic surrounding is produced by the bacteria and this helps lessen infection by pathogens unable to withstand the acidic conditions.



The part of the ALIMENTARY CANAL or tract between the stomach and anus where final digestion and absorption of food matter occur in addition to the absorption of water and production of feces.  The intestine is divided into the small intestine comprising duodenum, ileum and jejunum, and the large intestine made up of the cecum, vermiform appendix, colon and rectum.  The length of the intestine in man is about 30 feet.





Being poisoned by drugs, alcohol or other toxic substances.



A condition caused by abnormal muscular contractions (or increased motility) in the colon producing effects in the large and small intestines.  Symptoms include pain in the abdomen, which changes location, disturbed bowel movements with diarrhea then normal movements or constipation, heartburn and a bloated feeling due to gas buildup.  The specific cause is unknown and no disease is present hence treatment is limited to relief of anxiety or stress (which may be a contributory factor), drug or herbal therapy to reduce muscle activity and careful choice of diet, to include a high fiber content.



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