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Veins that have become stretched, distended and twisted.  The superficial veins in the legs are often affected although it may occur elsewhere.  Causes include congenitally defective valves, obesity, pregnancy and thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the wall of a vein with secondary thrombosis in the affected part of the vein).  Elastic support is a common treatment although alternatives are sclerotherapy and phlebectomy.



Relating to blood vessels; supplied with blood vessels.




The narrowing of the blood vessels with a consequent reduction in blood supply to that part of the body supplied.  A variety of circumstances can cause vasoconstriction including cold and shock.



Any of a group of organic compounds required in very small amounts in the diet to maintain good health.  Deficiencies lead to specific diseases.  Vitamins are divided into two groups; vitamin A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble while C and B are water-soluble.



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