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Personal Profile

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Health Profile

Lack of energy / fatigue
Stress Problems
Feelings of Anxiety
Vision problems
Sinus pain
Chronic cough
Frequent colds / flu
Asthma symptoms
Exposure to chemicals / herbicides / pesticides
Chest pains
Ear aches
Abdominal discomfort
Stomach ulcers
Excessive hunger
Yeast problems
Liver problems
Rapid weight loss
Excessive weight gain
Loss of appetite
Low blood pressure
High blood pressure
Cold feet / hands
Painful urination
Low back pain
Water retention
Kidney problems
Discolored urine
Prostate problems
Erectile dysfunction
Joint pain / stiffness
Muscle aches / pains
Skin problems
Hair loss
PMS symptoms
Irregular menses
Loss of sexual libido
Are you pregnant or nursing

Lifestyle Considerations

Do you:
Drink alcoholic beverages
Smoke or ever smoked
Eat high fat foods (meat, deep fried foods)
Drink caffeine (soda, coffee) 3 times a week
Exercise 2-3 times per week

Medical History

Are you or have you ever been treated for: (inc family members)
Stress or depression
Heart disease / hypertension
Acne / psoriasis / other skin disorders
Bowel problems
Liver disorders, hepatitis
Menopause / HRT
Allergies / asthma or bronchitis
Arthritis (rheumatoid or osteo)
Any other conditions
Please list conditions

Medication History

Please list all current pharmaceutical drugs
Please list all current vitamins, herbs, or food supplements

Areas of Concern

Comments and areas of concern
We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your problems and concerns. We wish to make it clear that our intent is not to diagnose or prescribe, but to offer recommendations and information to help you establish a healthy order in your daily life. If you seek medical advice, please consult a medical practitioner. If you seek a diet, please consult a registered dietitian. If you are seeking ways to take responsibility for your own health and well being, we are happy to be of assistance.



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