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" Thank you, thank you. I just cannot thank you enough for giving me the pain-free use of my hands for the first time in my adult life. For 37 years, the skin of my hands had been sore, broken, bleeding and plagued with eczema. I saw doctors, specialists and healers of all sorts. Nothing helped. Then a friend recommended you. I was moved by your caring, enthusiasm and absolute conviction that your special herbs could heal me.Your herbs healed me from the inside just as you predicted....."

Raymond A. Toronto, Canada.

"My tolerance to environmental chemicals has improved to the extent that I no longer need inhalers. I also have no asthmatic symptoms."
Esther F. Edmonton, Canada.

"...the herbal products from Herbal Classics have improved the health of our family immensely. The medical profession was unable to cure the allergies  of our granddaughter but the herbal formulas proved to be an effective cure." 

John H. Edmonton, Canada.

"All of these (products) helped me attain much improved health. I have to thank Herbal Classics for providing me with this and their life-saving herbs."

  Jean R. Drayton Valley, Canada.

"If we all used herbs, we would have a much healthier society. We would not cost the Health care system so much money nor would there be such a shortage of doctors because not as many would be needed." 

Gwen D. Stettler, Canada.

"It was when I began using the Herbal Classics program that I achieved the phenomenal level of health and well-being that I am experiencing today. This past winter, I was able to remain productive at all times rather than lose time and money to illness." 

Shaun P. Toronto, Canada.

"Upon going on your program, I am pleased to report, and to tell you that I now have more energy and vitality than I have had for years." 

Linda, F. Philadelphia, U.S.A.

"For the past three years I've been able to treat my colds with the herbs and haven't been a burden to the health care system and better still I haven't needed antibiotics to treat the more serious complications I used to get." 

June W. Edmonton, Canada.

"Dramatic improvements in his (Robert) condition occurred within 10 days and was a definite miracle to us. How could it be that traditional medicine had so completely failed him when relief came so quickly in the form of natural substances."

 Elaine I. Edmonton, Canada


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