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As anyone who knows me will attest, I am fantastically in love with my dog, and therefore can't thank you enough for helping her. I believe that the use of your products by pet owners would truly save them time, worry and sky-high vet bills all while accomplishing this naturally."

Shaun P. Toronto, Canada.

Mary Anne, as you know I had concerns about my cat, "Tinker," as he is 17 years old, he too was starting to suffer from constipation, control over his hind legs, and bad coat. There was no doubt in my mind that he was in pain. When I asked you to put Tinker on a pet herbal program, I had no idea, that the results, would be so fast. After Tinker took the herbs for only 3 days, his health, has improved to the point, that he no longer suffers from constipation, and is no longer in pain. He is acting like a kitten again. The most amazing result, and the one I certainly do not expect, was that for once in his life, he has stopped shedding his coat. His cat hair, use to be all over the house. Now all I see is the odd hair come out when I pat him. His coat has gotten shiny, and healthy looking for the first time in years! I believe your product, can help other pet owners with similar problems, and I highly recommend the use of your Herbal Classic pet lines.

"The dog show crowd would go crazy if they knew what your products could do to help the show dog, who must always be in coat, and willing to give his all in the show ring. Most of these dogs are stressed from the traveling and the heavy show circuit calendar, and your product would be a tremendous plus for any show dog or cat! I know what it can do for the beloved pet, from my own experience with Tinker."

Linda F. Philadelphia, U.S.A.

When I brought my four month old cat Niko home from the pet store I noticed that she was very ill. She had blood in her stool's, an eye infection, and seemed to always cry out in pain when ever she would go to the litter box. After spending over $500.00 with two different veterinary doctors and giving her a prescription "which made her worse"!! I finally decided to try out a more natural approach. After putting Niko on the Pet Di-gest and the Pet De-tox, I couldn't believe the difference in her health. There was no more blood in her stools, no more crying out in pain, and the eye infection cleared up in one weeks time. THANK YOU so much for helping my cat, and myself!!

Nicole C. Edmonton, Canada.

This is a picture of Scooter.  He is an 11 Ĺ year old blue heeler/border collie cross and is on Herbal Classics.  He smiles great big smiles when I ask him if he wants his pills.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to photograph him smiling.  None of my attempts to catch his smile on film were successful but at least I got him licking his lips.  Scooter is still overweight but he is a very happy dog and still goes out and rounds up sheep for me.  He has had a very rough life as a community pasture dog, which means he was used as a herding dog for 3,000 plus cattle in several seasons.  He has worked hard and was kicked in the head by several bovine creatures over the years.  He used to have some type of siezures but has not had any for several months now.  We like to think the herbs have had something to do with it.  Scooter is getting cataracts in both eyes.  He walks very close to me a lot but he still knows where the sheep are so that he can herd them for me.  One year ago I didnít think Scooter would make it through the winter but here he, is still with us.

  Irene T. Abee, Canada.


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